Houston to Phoenix, Phoenix to Houston in THREE days

This was one long excruciating drive. I enjoyed seeing my family in Phoenix, but I was only there a few hours. The hours that weren’t spent sleeping I spent as a walking zombie. I left Saturday evening at 18:45 and drove 17hours and 45minutes straight. The return trip took 20 hours, but that included a nap in a picnic area 40 miles north of San Antonio.

I left at night, so mostly all I saw was black…

Ahh, daylight…

Welcome to NewMexico!

Arizona Finally…

Loaded Up
After a few hours sleep the bike is loaded up while my Grandfather looks on. I feel confident with his supervision. He’s a retired professional engineer and consultant on “vast and half vast projects”.

Time to turn around and head back. My poor 4cyl truck just wasn’t making it up these mountains against a stiff headwind carrying a 500lb bike.

Shadow showing the bike in the back of my truck. Très artistique, no?

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