Parts List for 650

Quick listing of the parts I need for my 650::

  • Someone to drive to Phoenix and slap the previous owner.
  • Clymer Repair Manual *Purchased off of Amazon*
  • Taillight *SCORE! New rear cowl and “break light” from ebay*
  • Clutch/Front Brake levers*found at Houston Cycle Salvage*
  • Possibly Clutch/Frontbrake master cylinders*Fixed, see posts*
  • Fusebox cover*found at Houston Cycle Salvage* See the poor NH that donated it here.*
  • Ignition Switch *found at Houston Cycle Salvage*
  • Horns Brandnew and even louder for only $30! See Post
  • Turn signal switch / possibly turn signal relay *New switch from eBay/New relay from  Land’s Cycles.
  • Gear selector switch *Fixed!
  • Wiring harness *I’ve finally whipped the wiring into shape, but I wouldn’t turn down a free harness*
  • Tires *New Cheng-Shin barracuda-V tires from Discount Motorcycle Tire
  • Cool helmet and jacket *Picked up an FT XTi mesh jacket and a Shoei helmet from CycleGear*
  • Cool biker tattoo and more chains :)

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