Let’s stop and talk about brakes for a bit – Part 2 – The Rebuild

The new pistons and collars have come in so it’s time to rebuild the calipers that were torn down in a previous post.

Brake Caliper - All new bits
The rebuild, all new bits.

All so shiny and clean, time to install.


Brake Caliper - New seals
Soak the rings in brake fluid.

It’s best to soak the rings and seals in brake fluid before installing. It lubricates them to make the pistons slide easier and makes them more pliable.


Brake Caliper - Rings installed
Rings and seals installed

The rings and seals are pretty straight forward to install. Just make sure they don’t turn inside out or get twisted. The earlier soak in brake fluid should make them slide right in.


Brake Caliper - New piston
Piston covered in brake fluid

Go ahead and roll the pistons in brake fluid too. A good coating will help it slide past the seals and rings when you install them.


Brake Caliper - Pistons installation
Installing the pistons

Installation is pretty straight forward. Line them up straight, make sure the concave part is facing out, and press them in. Be sure and wipe off any brake fluid that’s wandered over onto the caliper. It will eat through the paint.


Brake Caliper - Collar and boots
Collar and boots

Next trick is installing the collar and boots. Don’t soak these in brake fluid, but rather lube them up with silicon grease. Pop one into the groove in one side of the caliper. Install the other boot on the collar and slide it all the way down to the end so that the bottom is sticking out past the end of the collar. Now, carefully install that boot in its groove inside the caliper. Twist and shove the collar through the boot and caliper being careful not to turn the boot inside out (The grease should help with this). Once it’s all installed the boots should be in their grooves in the caliper as well as in the grooves in each end of the collar. The collar should be able to easily slide back and forth a few millimeters side to side.


Brake Caliper - Pads and pins
Pads and pins

Now install the pad spring, brake pads, and retaining pins. You’ll have to press the pads against the spring and wiggle them a bit to get the pins all the way through. They should be driven all the way down until their collar stops them. Then slide the retaining clip over the other end of the pins and bolt it down.


Brake Caliper - Installed on forks
Installed on the forks

There you go, all torn down, cleaned, painted, rebuilt, and installed back on the forks. I will fill and bleed them once the front end gets installed on the bike. My next post should be the front end swap, hopefully soon.

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