Crash bars, part like no duh

I finally got a chance to start painting on the crash bars. I got another brass wire wheel for my dremel type tool and knocked a bit more rust off the smaller bits. Roughed up all pieces with some sand paper. I originally was going to use 600 but it didn’t seem rough enough for the primer so I went with some 400 grit. After all parts were scuffed I hung the bars from string, placed the attachment hardware on a piece of cardboard, and pushed the nuts and bolts through the same cardboard and got to spraying. I’ve got two thin coats of primer on all pieces now with wet sanding in between. The sun’s going down so I’ll finish it tomorrow hopefully. The good news is I picked these up for $50 with all the necessary pieces to attach them. They need some cleaning up, but I want them black instead of chrome anyways. I just found these exact same bars, minus the U-bolt necessary for mounting on eBay going for $110. I think I got a deal.

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