Burnt Connector

I pulled the Yamaha ignition switch off the bike. It was spliced into the original Honda plugs in the back of the fuse box. One of the connectors (red wire) looks like it got kinda hot. I noticed the same thing on 2 other Nighthawks in the salvage yard. Hope this isn’t a common occurance. The ign switch I bought for it came off a VF500C (magna) I believe, its the exact same switch tho, and doesn’t look near as toasty. Good thing I’ve got a full can of dielectric grease.

DuctTape is NOT The Force!!!

It had to happen sooner or later. In this case it was sooner. I pulled the tank off and sure enough there were a couple wires all wrapped up with ducttape. I don’t care what StarWars geeks claim, ducttape is NOT as good as The Force. Could this be one of the causes for my electrical problems???