Rolling over 20K

I actually got caught at a red light at 20,000 and tried to take a pic but my stupid camera phone locked up on me. So I snapped this pic once I got to the Post Office. Here’s to another 20K miles.

Washing off the bugs

I thought I should wash all of the bugs and crud off of it before installing the crashbars.
Crashbars?  You mean from back in July? That’s right. They’re painted gloss black now and I finally have a chance to install them. I’ll put the results of that in the next post.

2 days, 300+ miles

I had to test out the new carbs so I took off again this morning for a round trip from Houston-Galveston-Freeport-Angleton-Houston again. I took a couple of pics along the way. At the end I stopped by BestBuy and got chased into the parking lot by a Harley guy. I stopped and pulled off my helmet and he lets me know he has a Red/Black ’84 700S that he bought brand new and now only has 9,000 miles on it. Mine is 3.9 miles shy of 20,000 miles 😉

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Sunshine + Iron Maiden + Motorcycle = :-)

I’m finally in town for a little while and had a chance to get back to the bike. Nick managed to speak a few words of carburetor to my bike so it would play nice with K&N. We ended up rejetting the carbs, more air more fuel I guess. You can’t argue with the final results however. There aren’t enough O’s in smoooooooth to describe how this thing revs below 5K rpm now. No popping, stumbling, or hesitation from the silky smooth idle all the way up to redline. I put 140 miles on it yesterday, both highway and about town and even some gridlock to test it out. Thanks Nick.