Rattle and Hum

Well, today it started up! Started really easily actually considering it hasn’t been run since I started the rebuild last November. Hooked up the battery, hooked up the temporary gastank (yes its from a lawnmower so SHUTUP!), set the choke, and pushed the magic button…Ran kind of rough at first, idled all over the place but that settled down. Then it developed a really bad rattle, I was kinda nervous about that at first. It sounded like something was going to Hell in there, then I realized it was coming from the area around the transmission. I barely nudged the shifter and that rattle went away, phew!

The actual gas tank is about as good as it can get. I applied the Por15 Cycle Tank treatment last weekend. (Thanks Bill!) This seems like a pretty good product, but I believe the tank was just too far gone. The rust in there looked like barnacles. I cleaned as much of that as I could, but I may be looking at a new tank before long.

Next I need to get those damn blinkers working!