Ok, sometimes I turn on the key, and nothing happens. I’ve tried wiggling the key, and that doesn’t appear to be it, which is good because I just bought this ignition switch. I’ve narrowed the problem down to the top left corner of the fuseblock. This is where the main red/black hot wires go in and out of the fuseblock. If I just barely touch/wiggle/press in the red/black plugs all will work again. This could be kinda annoying if they wiggle loose while motoring down the highway at night so I pulled the fuseblock apart…

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Here’s the infamous “reserve tank”. This straw sticks a couple inches up into the tank to sip fuel, when the level falls below the top of this straw the bike “runs out of gas”. When you switch it to reserve it bypasses the straw and starts  slurping the sludge off the bottom of the tank. There is a strainer around this, but the original one on my bike was busted and wasn’t straining anything.

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Asphyxiation Modulation

I finally replaced the choke cable. What? The LCD module for the gear indicator and fuel gauge? Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about that. I ordered a new speedo cluster off of eBay and as soon as it arrives we’ll put that back in. But while I was out Friday morning looking for a new LCD module locally at the salvage yards I also asked about a new choke cable since my old one didn’t move very well. They checked the wall of choke cables and didn’t have the one for my bike, but I noticed all the packages had the same website on them, http://www.motionpro.com/, so when I got home I checked their website. Found the cable for my bike for $14.99 + $6 s/h and placed the order. I got an email by 2pm saying it was shipped, and it was in my mailbox by Monday. That’s what I call prompt and responsive service! I ordered a damn OEM Service Manual off of Amazon.com over a week ago, paid twice the S/H as the cable, and that STILL hasn’t even shipped yet!!