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Let’s stop and talk about brakes for a bit – Part 1 – The tear down.

Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, because I’ve been busy (or riding). Well I finally have time to get around to putting the correct front end on my 700S. This means swapping the whole front end, none of it is interchangeable between the 650 and 700S. So I had to order brakes off of eBay and since I don’t trust eBay brakes, step 1 is rebuilding them.

Brake Caliper - Before
Brake caliper from eBay – before

Here’s the before pic. Doesn’t look too bad, on the outside. Continue reading

Back in the, err, saddle.


This year I gave my bike up for lent and then I got sent out of the country one week before Easter. My poor bike sat under it’s cover in the garage from February until May. Now I know how those north of I-10 feel. Anyways, I’m back, it’s back, we’re back.

This cat don’t ride…

Since there’s nothing more masculine than posting pics and vids of your cat on your motorcycle…

Bitty in the toolbox, she thinks she’s helping.Bitty on the seat, supervising the oilchange.

Bitty decided to help me change the oil on my motorcycle. First she helped me pick out a wrench, then she plopped up on the seat and supervised the oil change. I figured that she was helping because she wanted to go for a ride when I was done…

I was wrong ;)